Opposition directs your growth.

Being willing to face and work with obstacles is how you’ve grown personally and professionally. You did not accomplish whatever good you have by avoiding challenges. Getting to where you need to go will require that same alchemy of turning obstacles into opportunities.

My hope is that here you will find the mental models, tools, and ideas that can help you to do just that. Welcome!

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Hey, I'm Larry

I’m a Navy brat born in Hawaii and after living in 10 states I’m currently staying warm in Florida. I’ve spent a decade in hard skills working with technology brands and digital platform companies, maybe to the detriment of my soft skills. 

Recently I’ve become fascinated by systems theory and how we acquire knowledge through challenge. As a result, I’ve felt compelled to talk to thought leaders across a variety of fields, ask dumb questions, and record it.

Let’s connect and I’ll share what I’m learning.

Popular Podcasts

My guest on this episode is Pedro Domingos, a leading AI researcher and recipient of two of the highest honors in AI and the author of the worldwide bestseller "The Master Algorithm." Pedro is a professor of computer science at the University of Washington in Seattle, and he helped start the fields of statistical relational AI, adversarial learning, machine learning for information integration, and influence maximization in social networks.
Thinking is an amazing capacity. We possess the ability to form concepts, imagine possible futures, and solve problems but run amuck; this same capacity can keep you up at night, paralyze effective decision making and keep you in a loop of worst-case scenarios. My guest is Dr. Pia Callesen, who explains how to use meta-cognitive strategies to break free from this overthinking. 
Kieran Setiya is a Professor of Philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Kieren’s newest book, Life is Hard, How Philosophy Can Help Us Find Our Way, is the topic of this podcast. In this episode, Keiran challenges the idea that happiness should be life's primary pursuit. Instead, he argues that we should try to live well, and living well means how one lives in relationship to difficulty - not without difficulty.
This podcast is about what happens chemically to our brains when we are severely depressed, traumatized or anxious. And for those stuck in that state, what are the latest clinical treatments using medication that can help someone get unstuck. Dr. John Krystal's work links psychopharmacology, neuroimaging, molecular genetics, and computational neuroscience to study the neurobiology and treatment of these disorders.

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