A Post Career World: Bruce Feiler On The Reinvention of Work

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The people who are happiest and most fulfilled in work don’t just climb; they also dig, and they do this personal archaeology that I’m talking about to figure out ‘Who am I?’ right now.” – Bruce Feiler

In this episode, we dive into the shifting dynamics of work, careers, and the quest for fulfillment. My guest discusses the history of the career and how work is undergoing transformations due to social movements, technology, and pivotal global events. He has gathered life stories to discern patterns in people’s work trajectories and emphasizes an expanded definition of work. 

Bruce Feiler is a leading voice in America on modern life. He’s written seven bestsellers, including “Life Is In The Transitions,” “The Secret of Happy Families” and “Council of Dads.” His three TED Talks have over four million views, and he also teaches a TED Course on life changes. His newest book, “The Search: Finding Meaningful Work in a Post-Career World,” examines how people can find purpose in their jobs. It’s based on data collected from people of all different backgrounds and jobs.

In our talk, Bruce questions common ideas about careers. He uses data to explain big career changes, which he calls ‘work-quakes’. If you’re thinking about your own job or career or just want to know more about work trends, you’ll want to listen.

Topics we cover:

  • Bruce’s early life and multiple career changes.
  • Why the traditional “career” is dead.
  • The new non-linear work life.
  • The history of the career and the resume.
  • Why just following your passion might not be the best idea.
  • Workquakes.
  • How different generations see job changes.
  • A broader view of what ‘work’ means.
  • How to find out what really matters to you in a job.
  • The many kinds of jobs people have.
  • How work can – and cannot –  give our lives meaning.
  • Questions to help you find a job you’ll like.
  • And much more. 


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