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Ep.57: Dealing With The High-Conflict Personality: Dr. Lindsay Gibson On The Emotionally Immature

Dr. Lindsay Gibson

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When people keep themselves poised in neutral observation, they can’t be hurt or emotionally ensnared by other people’s behavior Lindsay C. Gibson

My guest is clinical psychologist and author Dr. Lindsay Gibson.

Dr. Gibson has two graduate degrees in clinical psychology, including a Doctorate of Psychology from the Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology – an Adjunct Professor for the College of William and Mary and Old Dominion University.

She has written a few best-sellers, including a series on dealing with emotionally immature people, the first of which is Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents: How to Heal from the Distant, Rejecting, or Self-Involved.

On the podcast, Dr. Gibson sheds light on the high-conflict personality type and gives great psychological and tactical advice for dealing with the emotionally immature.

On the show, we discuss

  • Why she wrote the book and its origins from her practice
  • EIP personality characteristics 
  • The single most essential factor in human relationships
  • How can I be sure I am emotionally mature 
  • The impact an EIP might have on you emotionally
  • Why an EIP is like they the way they are 
  • How to deal with an EIPs 
  • Where people go wrong in dealing with them
  • What your main goal should be in interacting with an EIP (good tips generally when caught in an argument) 


I think you’ll appreciate the insights and engagement tactics Dr. Gibson offers here. Enjoy!

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