How To Live More and Think Less: Dr. Pia Callesen On Metacognitive Approaches To A Happier Life

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Life is too short to be spent at war with yourself

This podcast is about the problem of overthinking and how modifying one’s metacognitive beliefs can reduce stress, worry, and problem fixation. 

Thinking is an amazing capacity we all have. Humans possess the cognitive abilities to form concepts, imagine possible futures, and solve problems, but this same capacity, when it runs amuck, can keep you up at night, paralyze effective decision making and keep you in a loop of worst-case scenarios. 

Yeah, not helpful. 

My guest is Dr. Pia Callesen, who explains how to use meta-cognitive strategies to break free from this overthinking. 

Dr. Callesen is a therapist and metacognitive specialist managing several clinics in Denmark. She has a Ph.D. from Manchester University, and she is the author of Live More Think Less (2020). Her study into the effectiveness of metacognitive therapy for depression, published in Scientific Reports in 2020, suggests that MCT has considerable benefits which might exceed those of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). 

On this show, we discuss…

  • Metacognition and metacognitive therapy
  • Metacognitive beliefs
  • The self-regulating mechanism in the brain
  • When less is more when dealing with thoughts 
  • Trigger thoughts
  • How MCT differs from traditional cognitive therapies
  • Targeting specific psychological processes
  • How to postpone worry/rumination
  • Attention training
  • The benefits and risks of mindfulness 
  • Detached mindfulness 
  • How attentional awareness helps with depression 


As a person who overthinks, I’m already benefiting from much of Dr. Callesen’s advice here. I think you will find this interesting and very helpful. 


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