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“I wanted to understand what makes people keep going and what makes people think that they can find solutions when there are no solutions, what makes them think they can solve it – Susannah Meadows

The important thing is never stop questioning – Albert Einstein

What’s possible, medically, mentally and physically, is the topic of this podcast.

And the power of persistence.

What would you do if your child was diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease and every treatment protocol was not working?

The medications prescribed are not only ineffective but come with even worse negative physical side effects.

What do you do?

For many, they accept their fate and live with it. Solution seeking stops and who would blame them? Hope deferred “makes the heart sick” and hope dashed leads to disillusion.  

For Susannah Meadows, a combination of desperation and circumstance pushed her to persist until she could find a solution.

If you have exhausted the answers that traditional medicine has. That’s not the end of the world Susannah Meadows

Her 3 yr old son Shepherd, was diagnosed with debilitating juvenile idiopathic arthritis which is Sheperd’s case caused near crippling joint pain, swelling and stiffness.

Her journey for a cure took her into areas some might consider fringe or certainly outside of conventional medicine. But Susannah is a former senior writer for Newsweek. She covered stories ranging from the 2004 presidential campaign to 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina and she’s a frequent contributor to The New York Times

She is not one to believe anything unsubstantiated.

Her new book is called “The Other Side of Impossible” It’s about her story and other ordinary people who faced daunting medical challenges and yet refused to give up.

They turned desperation into determination.

Suzanne not only chronicled her journey but also the stories of others who’ve faced severe medical challenges and the steps they took to overcome them.

And what she learned is the topic of our discussions.

  • Medicine, food and illness.
  • Learned helplessness and disease.
  • The latest research into the mind potential to heal the body.
  • Alternative therapies for diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, ADHD, multiple sclerosis and others.
  • The impact of anxiety and fear on the body’s autoimmune response

Maybe more importantly Susan share what she learned about the power of personal agency.

Your capacity, your faith in your ability to handle a situation.

These are stories of courage.

You may be healthy, you may not have challenges of disease. But you have challenges nonetheless.

You may have run into dead ends and failed attempts of a different sort.

Keep trying. Take heart.  

Hear Susannah’s story.

Show Notes

[00:11:30] Difficulties in questioning the medical community

[00:12:27] About the book

[00:14:41] On finding hope, inquiries into persistence

[00:16:05] On desperation and discovery

[00:22:09] Celiac disease and gluten

[00:27:45] M.S

[00:36:59] The Allergy Relief Technique (A.R.T )

[00:47:28] On the mind /body connection


The Other Side of Impossible


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