What if you or your company, could be improved by crisis?

On the podcast I have conversations with thought leaders from a variety of fields to get their experiences, ideas or research on how people and companies handle present day challenges or problematic futures. If there are concepts, systems or pragmatic philosophies that can help, I want to learn them.

The show is long-form and despite the fact that I’m scratching my own itch and even through frequently dumb questions, the guests are game, very insightful and often inspirational.

I’m learning a lot, I think you will too.

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Imagine the challenge everyday tasks become if you were missing just one of your limbs, say an arm or a leg. Now imagine effectively not having any. Now, after you learn to surmount the subsequent complexity and effort in autonomy with personal hygiene, dressing, eating, etc, try to compete in high school football, wrestling, then attempt to ...