Your Crypto or Your Life. Nat Eliason: Financial Frenzies and Mindful Living

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I realized that all this work, driven by the need to make money, was originally to support my ability to write. But the pursuit of money took over, and I forgot the real reason behind it. Success can be its own failure.  – Nat Eliason

“Be careful for what you wish for.”

I heard that growing up almost as much as I heard “maybe one of these days”—my parents’ perfect retort to childhood requests “can I have a horse?” in order to put me off, knowing I’d change my mind over time. I always did.

That cautionary adage has echoed throughout history, from the ancient Greek tale of King Midas’ golden touch to the best episodes of the old TV show “The Twilight Zone.”

All these stories explore the paradox where the pursuit of success can unexpectedly lead to a form of consequence blindness.

In the latest episode of our podcast, I explore this theme and many others anchored in a story of high stakes, high stress.

Nat Eliason is a writer and the author of Crypto Confidential: Winning and Losing Millions in the New Frontier of Finance. Since he started publishing his writing in 2013, his work has been read by millions of people and spun out multiple businesses ranging from a marketing agency to a tea café.

It’s a wild story. In 2021 Nat set a six-month deadline to make as much money as possible before the birth of his first child, leading him to the world of cryptocurrency.  In just a year, he made millions writing code that managed hundreds of millions of other people’s money, became an influencer in the space, speaking at de-fi conferences, went through a platform hack, and despite amassing a small fortune, He started to question whether his wealth was truly secure and how long he could keep risking everything on the roller coaster investments his business was actually built on.

Some talking points include…

  • Nat’s story.
  • Startup culture and the “white-knuckle” mentality.
  • The challenge of productivity optimization.
  • Writing and the creative process payoff.
  • The enduring impact of books vs. fleeting content of social media.
  • The power law of writing.
  • Cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and the real value of blockchain technologies.
  • On burnout and recovery.
  • Redefining a relationship with work.
  • On money, happiness, and work-life balance.


And much more …

Lots of great life lessons here.





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